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Fall/Winter Property Services:

  • Outside Furniture Storage – Carefully move all exterior furniture to storage.
  • Remove Window & Door Screens – Screens washed down and carefully stored.
  • Winterize Exterior Of Property – Schedule outside shower turn off with plumber, move and secure trash and recycling cans, flower pots, BBQ grill, garden hoses, pool & game equipment, etc. to storage area.
  • Remove Window A/C Units – Drain, clean and store in designated area.
  • Open Property For Deliveries & Service Providers – Open property for furniture/ appliance, etc. deliveries as well as Gas/Electric/Internet/Phone/etc. service calls.
  • Schedule & Provide Follow up For Service Contractor Visits – Call to have us schedule and follow up on fall heating system (and spring A/C) filter changes, HVAC service calls, schedule plumber to winterize your property, and pest control maintenance. If you need it, we can set it up for you!
  • Winter Welcome Service – Schedule HM Property Services to prepare your home before your winter visit by turning up the heat, leaving some lights on (if you plan to arrive after dark) and fill the refrigerator/freezer/cabinets with some essential items from the ACME store so you do not have to waste any valuable shore get-away time grocery shopping.
  • Avalon Property Owners – Hire us to make sure your trash and recyclables containers are by the curb for trash day and removed to their designated area.

OFF SEASON CHECKS Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly or On-Call, Your Choice!
Checks Include:

  • Windows & Doors – Check & Secure (lock) all windows and doors.
  • Water, Weather or Wind Damage – Visual checks around interior windows, doors, ceilings, floors and outside exterior of home.
  • Heating – Verify temperature setting on thermostats.
  • Smoke & CO Detectors – Visually check all detectors for green light, testing and battery replacement.
  • Outside Grounds – Visual checks for any damage or debris on property.
  • Mail – Mail found at property will be brought inside and reported to owner.
  • Lights – Check all lights are off unless Owner specifies differently.
  • Detailed Report of Each Visit – Report e-mailed to owner within 2 days of property check.
  • Phone Contact – Phone call immediately to homeowner of any major problem.
  • Cost – Off Season House Property Checks: $45.00 per visit.                         HM Property Services Main Logo 2-2-2016

Spring/Summer Property Services:

  • Beach Tag Pick Up
  • Water Potted Plants
  • Island Welcome service for owners and renters
  • Pre and Post Storm Property Visit
  • Clean, Set-up, or Store Outside Furniture
  • Prepare Rental Property for Borough Fire Inspection
  • Install Fire/Carbon Detectors
  • Re-certify/ Purchase/ Replace Fire Extinguisher
  • Screen Cleaning & Install or Place in Storage
  • Open Property for deliveries and/or Service Calls
  • Schedule & Provide Follow Up For Service Provider/Contractor Visits
  • *Avalon Properties*– Take out and Retrieve Trash and Recycling Bins

Spring/Summer Concierge Services:HM Vacation Property Services Stone Harbor Beach

  • Beach Tag Pickup
  • Beach Tag Replacement
  • Express Check in For Rental Guests
  • Lost & Found/ General Retrieval of Personal Items
  • Car Care
  • UPS/ FedEx Shipping or Receiving

Service Call Pricing:

  • Service Call up to 30 Minutes: $45.00
  • Each additional 15 Minutes: $15.00
  • Lost And Found Handling Charge: $20.00

(Prices above are for labor ONLY, Materials not included)

Please contact David Kirchoff HM Property & Concierge Services   at
David@HMPropertyServices.NET or (609)-368-9100

The owners of HM Property Services are NJ Licensed Real Estate Agents.

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